Sterile Intraocular Irrigating Solution

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is sterile balance sodium solution (BSS), and also as an isotonic to the tissues of the eyes and is a lint-free solution containing essential ions for normal cell metabolism.

is used to irrigate anterior chamber, extraocular muscles, or lacrimal system, wash out lens fragments during cataract extraction, irrigate eyes during vitrectomy, and moisten cornea. Irrigating solutions may preserve the corneal endothelial structure and function, and keep lens clear. It is used as the perfusion solution in cataract extraction, intraocular lens implantation and extraction, and other ophthalmic surgeries. It may also be used in perfusion of ear, nose and throat.
  • It Hydrates and protects tissue and cells during all ophthalmic procedures.
  • Used for irrigation during various surgical procedures of the eyes, ears, nose and/or throat
  • A physiologic irrigation solution
  • Maintains integrity of endothelial tissue
  • Equivalent composition to aqueous humor
  • It contains no preservative and should not be used for more than one patient.
Technical Specifications

Each mL Consists of

Available in

250 ml bottle (Glass/Plastic)
500 ml bottle (Glass/Plastic)
20 ml Plastic PODS New Product