Disposable Cannula


is a manual ophthalmic disposable cannula which is handheld device intended to aid or perform ophthalmic surgical procedures.

The Below are the types of :-

HP-C0001 Air Injection & Irrigating Irrigation cannula helps in supplying irrigation fluid into the patient’s eye with an irrigation fluid supplying unit. Air injection has a hand piece with a hole, which aspirates a removed tissue along with the irrigation fluid supplied into the patient eye.
HP-C0010 Hydrodissection and Hydrodelineation A range of single-use cannula with tips designed to deliver fluids to facilitate the separation of the cortex from the nucleus and capsule
HP-C0020 Cystotomes Irrigating cystotomes are designed for capsulorhexis, intercapsular / endocapsular and can opener capsulotomy techniques.
HP-C0030 Lens Removal Irrigating Vectis cannula is designed for irrigating and removing the nucleus and the larger pieces of cortical debris whilst maintaining the anterior chamber depth.
HP-C0040 Cortex Aspiration For aspirating cortical debris when chamber is maintained with an anterior chamber maintainer or viscoelastic substance.
HP-C0050 Irrigating & Aspirating For removing cortical debris or viscoelastic substances while maintaining the anterior chamber during extracapsular and intercapsular/endocapsular cataract procedures.
HP-C0060 Capsule Polisher Designed for polishing and cleaning the residual cortex from the capsular bag.
HP-C0070 Bimanual Aspiration Or Irrigation Bimanual handles, for Aspiration and Irrigation ophthalmic surgical procedures.
HP-C0080 Anaesthesia Needles For injecting anaesthetic into the muscle cone, sub tenon space and around the globe.
HP-C0090 Lachrymal Intubation For probing and irrigating the lachrymal ducts.
HP-C0100 Lasik Designed for Lasik surgery.
HP-C0110 Vitreoretinal For Subretinal Fluid Drainage. The soft silicone sleeve facilitates safe drainage of subretinal fluid through pre-existing retinal holes or tears.